Himegami CRISIS Profile

Himegami CRISIS Profile

DANCE & VOCAL UNIT born with New Generation Neo Dance Performance as their theme. Neo Performance Unit showing a performance that mixes up past, present and future. Their concept is warriors fighting in a fictional future world, in which they express traditional Japanese culture mixed with rock and EDM. This is Himegami CRISIS.

The members have performed as the main acts in various projects related to dance. Excellent vocals combined with original acting skills; a unit formed by Suzuka Oosawa, who performed as the main heroine “Sonoda Haruka” in bone marrow transfusion promotional campaign musical “Asu he no Tobira 2016 OSAKA”, and Rinka Kurio, who performed at SUMMER SONIC and Okinawa International Movie Festival, at shows in Shanghai and Milano as well appreciated center position in real High School Girl’s idol unit “SO.ON project”, a group so big that they held headlining shows at Osaka-jo Hall. She was also the head of publicity relations. 

New generation vocal and dance unit that isn’t binded by genres or stereotypes. A world-level unit brought alive with their own skills as choreographers and exeptional talents of expression.

November 1st, iTunes MUSIC World Debut.


栗尾梨花Rinka Kurio

Rinka started jazz dancing when she was 4 years old after being influenced by her sister, who went to dance studio. When she was in Junior High, she found AAA, and started admiring dance & vocal units. That lead to her starting to aim to become an artist herself, and she enrolled to Osaka School of Music Upper Secondary Specialized School, and started to professionally learn dance and vocals.
After starting school, she started took part in Real High School Girl Idol Unit “SO.ON Project”. Within the project she was the chairman of public relations and center part of “high color”, a unit that was a pure but confident artist performance unit mainly focused in dancing. She took part in various releases, SUMMER SONIC, Okinawa International Movie Festival and many other events. Besides that, whe also performed overseas as one of the few selected members in places such as Shanghai and Milan Expo 2015. When she was in 3rd grade of Osaka School of Music, she performed at Osaka-jo Hall at a graduation performance.
Even though she was part of the group, a producer noticed her speedy and sharp dance moves, and she was selected to the project of Himegami CRISIS.
Rinka’s aim is to become a cool and wonderful person who can make people smile and dream, and she is moving forward constantly with her high choreography and dance skills.

  • Birth:25.Jul,1997
  • Blood Type:A
  • Favorite Artist:AAA, Fujiwara Sakura, Keyakizaka 46, Yamamoto Sayaka
  • Specialities:Belly dancing, laughing

大澤涼風Suzuka Osawa

After being invited by a childhood friend who lived close to her, Suzuka started classic ballet when she was 5 years old. When she was in 6th grade of elementary school, she learned about Tohoshinki, and started thinking she’d want to become an artist who dances and sings. When she starte to think about her future in 2nd year of Junior High, she remebered that dream, and started also learning other dance styles besides ballet, and started studying in Osaka Dance & Actors School. She had not been taking vocal lessons, but a producer noticed her voice, and she started taking dance and vocal lessons to become part of Himegami CRISIS.
After that, she performed in various dance events and shows, and her talent started to bloom. In 2016, she played the main role “Sonoda Haruka” in Bone Marrow Transplant Campaign Musical “Asu he no Tobira 2016 OSAKA”.
In 2017, she performed a unique dance as 1 of the 4 main performers of “We are OSM,DA Special Show “CUBE””, and gained a lot of attention.
Her motto is “always happy”, and with her positive personality, overwhelming physical abilities and curiosity, she is improving every day with unbelievable speed.

  • Birth:20.Oct.1996
  • Blood Type:A
  • Favorite Artist:xia junsu, iri, Wednesday Campanella, RADWIMPS
  • Specialities:Side to Side Jumps, Classic Ballet