Himegami CRISIS〜To the other side of space and time〜

Year 2189.
Japan. The 3rd World War, during which the superstate Federal Republic of Eurasia had tried to unite the Eurasia continent, had just ended. Federation of Eurasia had been uniting steadily, including countries of Europe, but the people were exhausted by the war that had been going on for decades, and the lands had been destructed. Destruction of the environment and resurrection of atmospheric pollution caused by the war, and securing fresh food were problems of the Federal Republic. The countries controlled by the Federal Republic were suppressed by a class system that could be also referred to as racism, which caused repellence, internal conflicts, and there were also areas rising against the Federal Republic, so you could not say that the war had ended.
The Japanese islands were under the control of Federal Republic of Eurasia, but other countries tried to invade the islands to steal the rich nature and well-blessed oceans that had miraculously stayed clean among the war, making the islands a stage for neverending despoil and massacre.
The name “Japan” had disappeared from the world, and the islands were now known as the territory of Japan within the Federal Republic. The territory was branded with the disgraceful rank of the lowest territory, people turned into slaves, killed, and not only had the country almost disappeared, the people of it had too. The old Japanese who lived there had a mark of slaves burned into their left arms, and they referred to the areas they barely remembered as Old Tokyo and Old Osaka, and lived in the weathering Japan hiding, escaping.

In the middle of all that, there were two female fighters fighting to protect the little that was left of their native country. The last descendants of IGA NINJA, who have been protecting pure blood for 700 years. The last Japanese and the last Kunoichi.

Strong, fierce, gentle, and lovely girls, fighting to protect the Japanese who were exhausted in slavery as the lowest class. People had started to call them “Himegami”.